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Waste Management

This segment will give you the current recycling and waste pickup schedules, helps, hints and other items of interest dealing with our program to reduce, reuse and recycle. It will also have information on private and municipal water supply and sewage and septic systems.

Contributions to this segment are always welcome, as well as any free advice on how to economize and use environmentally-friendly materials and agents for cleaning, restoring and such.

If you have something worth sharing, tell the webmaster about it. We will be sure to pass on any helpful information.

When is Bluebox and Waste Pickup day?
If you want to see or print a calendar of pickup days in Brussels ward, click here. Click here for the latest information on what can be recycled in Brussels: Acceptables.pdf.

If you want to see or print a calendar or other information for the schedule of other wards in Huron East, go to the website page of Bluewater Recyling at

How to get BlueBoxes?
New residents are welcome to a new BlueBox free of charge, from the Huron East Town Hall or your Real Estate rep.

Damaged BlueBox(es) can be exchanged at Huron East Town Hall free of charge.

Residents may purchase additional BlueBoxes at Huron East Town Hall for $8.00 each.

So what can go into BlueBoxes?
Click here for the latest chart on what can be recycled: Acceptables.pdf. Our pickup systems continually search out businesses that accept new and additional items to recycle. If you know of some type of plastic or other material not now collected, please advise the webmaster. We will check out every lead you provide, and post any new information whenever available.

Where do I get garbage tags?
Click here to see curbside recycling and garbage pickup information or call the Huron East Municipal Office at 519-527-0160 or 1-888-868-7513 to get the location nearest you. The cost per tag varies by area and collector.

When and where can I get rid of hazardous stuff?
Huron County provides a service for dropping off hazardous materials.

The following link contains the most current and up to date information regarding hazardous waste disposal activities in the County:

Walton Landfill Site
Depots have been set up at the Walton Landfill site for residents of Grey & McKillop to drop off e-waste (computers, printers, telephones, electronic appliances, etc...)

Mid-Huron Landfill Site
Information related to the Mid-Huron Landfill Site....Click Here