The stars are aligning for the Village of Vanastra.

You’re Invited……

The public is invited to hear plans for putting this unique community back on the map. The presentation will be facilitated by a team of Dr. Wayne Caldwell’s Masters Students currently enrolled in the University of Guelph’s School of Environmental Design & Rural Development Program.

Everyone is welcome.

Location: Seaforth Golf Club – 1A Doig Drive, Egmondville, Ontario

Wednesday, December 4, 2013 at 7:00 pm Upstairs in the Clubhouse.

Vanastra DRAFT U of G

The stars seem to be aligning for the Village of Vanastra. A successful Business Retention and Expansion (BR+E) initiative published in early 2013 has provided extensive and insightful information regarding both Vanastra’s current business climate as well as avenues for future growth and change; the six priority areas identified by the BR+E initiative offer direction for future revitalization strategies and plans. This report has been prepared to further explore what some of these revitalization strategies might look like for the Village of Vanastra.

This report focuses on the Community Association as the main vehicle for inspiring change in the Village of Vanastra. Community Associations have the ability to demonstrate unity and autonomy when building and exercising relationships with local government, and offer opportunities for creating community identity and pride. In the Village of Vanastra, a Community Association has the potential to focus on tangible goals and objectives, contribute to the momentum that has been growing, and ultimately shape the future of the Village.

This report also focuses on the importance of Municipal support for revitalization strategies in the Village of Vanastra. The primary vehicle for Municipal support would be through the designation of the Village of Vanastra as a community improvement project area by the Huron East Municipal Council. It is through this designation and the subsequent development of an appropriate Community Development Plan (CIP) that the Municipality can not only assist the current building and business owners of Vanastra, but can promote the Village as an attractive opportunity for future investment as well. We provide some policy recommendations for inclusion in such a Community Development Plan for the Village of Vanastra, with an emphasis on Brownfield Remediation as an underpinning initiative for the area.

While we recognize that laying the groundwork for both community autonomy and Municipal support is most important, this report also focuses on some action-based initiatives that the community might wish to pursue in the short-term. These are presented as works-in-progress and are meant to encourage discussion and inspire the imagination. We address possible initiatives as part of a proposed Physical Signage Plan for the Community, as well as some directions the Village of Vanastra might want to take in terms of increasing their “online” identity. We also briefly suggest some ideas for promoting the unique history of the Village.