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Sip, Sip and Savour…..

Maelstrom large

First Registered Winery in Huron County


Jim Landsborough and Catherine Peckitt-Landsborough have roots deep in Huron County.  Jim and his ancestors have farmed in Tuckersmith Township in the Municipality of Huron East since 1834, and the present 100-acre spread they call home was once part of Catherine’s family farm.  However, since 2009 this industrious couple has put down quite different roots, while embarking on an enterprise that will bring a new industry to Huron County.

Winemaking…….and not just ordinary wines.


Their goal is to produce the highest quality wine from the very best grapes that Huron County can grow.  Following considerable research, which included hiring renowned cool climate consultant Kevin Ker to assist with site and vine selection and visits to numerous wineries throughout Canada and the USA, as well as a one acre test plot and several trial batches, Maelstrom’s Vineyard now spreads over 8 acres and comprises 9,600 vines.


Huron East has proven to be just the place to deliver the moderate adversity that grape vines require to produce excellent fruit…..the plants need stress to condense the grapes, which results in the most flavourful wines. This boutique winery is growing several hybrid grape varieties developed as cold-hardy, disease tolerant, and early ripening.  And Jim and Catherine have also put in “vitis vinifera“, pure bred European vines, planted on a root stock that makes them hardier.


Maelstrom Winery will produce red, white, and rosé wines as well as blends and sparkling cider.  Ably assisted by their sons, Brett, Blaine and Brian, who are very much involved with the new business, the entire family is looking forward to developing this unique initiative, one that’s sure to heighten the profile of Huron County with wine-lovers and tourists alike.


It has been said that life is too short to drink bad wine—Maelstrom Winery agrees and will deliver preeminent Riesling, Baco Noir, Cabernet Franc, Geisenheim, Chardonnay, Maréchal Foch Frontenac Blanc, Vidal and Marquette, an award winning wine that finishes as a complex, ruby red with pronounced tannins and highly desirable notes of cherry, berry, black pepper, and spice on both nose and palate.


Santé!  Cheers!  Skål!  Prost!  Salute!

For more details on this exciting new venture located just south of Seaforth, Ontario in the heart of Ontario’s West Coast contact the owners, Jim & Catherine at jclandsb@tcc.on.ca.


The Cowboy Loft…they’re not just horsing around.

Cowboy Loft Logo

 1 km East of Brussels on Newry Road, Ontario ● (519) 887-9391

Tim Prior knows farming, first hand.  When he purchased Brussels Agri Services over 20 years ago, he was in touch with the needs of the area and knew what had to happen to grow the business.  In addition to providing and installing all types of high quality fencing, Brussels Agri Services can supply everything else needed for a farm, ranch or acreage together with top notch customer service after the sale.  This winning combination has worked.

jan studio merch-2444

Recognizing another niche market, Tim and his wife Donna opened The Cowboy Loft at the Agri Services site a decade ago, and haven’t looked back. With a large inventory of western tack and clothing, The Cowboy Loft has a broad customer base both locally and from a distance.  From outback fleece to Wranglers and Roper boots, they have what you need for work, play, show, and for just horsing around.

Jan Brussels 2-1963

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To mark this milestone, they are holding an anniversary celebration, and everyone is welcome. (Details below.)


Watch for signage directing traffic to the Brussels business district.

Yes….the Village of Brussels is open for business!

Check out some of the unique items available at this wonderful store. The pride of Brussels.

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Jan Brussels 2-1938

Seaforth’s newest retirement home…..with style!

Maplewood Manor ~ Comfort of Living

13 Church Street, Seaforth Ontario N0K 1W0 ● (877) 722 6378  ● www.comfortofliving.com

Maplewood (3) In the realm of retirement residences, Maplewood Manor is unique in many ways.  Located in historic Seaforth, the Manor is housed in what was Seaforth’s Public School, built in 1867 and now a designated heritage site.  Completely renovated and stylishly redecorated, by owner Sam Riad, the warmth of its entranceway is echoed in its dining room, suites, patio, and even the kitchen—as in most family homes, the kitchen of the Manor is the hub of the place.  An open-door atmosphere welcomes residents and visitors alike.

Maplewood (26)

5D Mark II-Jan Maplewood-6693_4_5_tonemapped

Owner and staff of Maplewood Manor agree that seniors are special, that seniors have contributed much and have much to contribute still.  Within its stately walls, residents come first and foremost.  It is their home, their 30,000 square foot house.  From home-cooked (and customized) meals to homey accommodations, the comfort and safety of residents are top priorities at Maplewood.

5D Mark II-Jan Maplewood-6630_1_2_tonemapped

Maplewood (15)

Amenities, such as an elevator, access ramps, social and activity area, hair salon, and between-meals refreshments and snacks, are all part of ensuring the wellbeing of Maplewood residents.  The piano is played, lively card games are enjoyed, visitors come and go, and special events are celebrated, all part of day-to-day living in this restful place.

Maplewood (13)

In-house non-denominational religious services, massage, physiotherapy, exercise classes and entertainment, along with off-site activities, provide Maplewood’s citizenry opportunities to vary their daily routine.  As Sam says with a smile “The only difference from the residents’ own home is that we look after the cooking, cleaning, laundry and housekeeping here.”

Maplewood (17)

Licensed and registered with Ontario’s Retirement Home Regulatory Authority and the Ontario Retirement Communities Association.

5D Mark II-Jan Maplewood-6660_1_2_tonemapped

So, come home to comfort.  Maplewood Manor awaits!

Upcoming Events: Wellness Day

“Wellness Days at Maplewood Manor”

Thursday, September 19th and Thursday, October 17th

Everyone welcome.
10:00 – 10:45 am – Talk by the Heart and Stroke Society
11:00 – 11:15 am – Refreshments
11:00 – 12:45 pm – There will be tours available & lunch provided.
Seating limited:
Please reserve your spot as soon as possible:
Reserve by September 17th for first session & by October 15th for second session.
1:00 pm – Visit and learn about St John’s Ambulance “Visiting Pet Program”
1:30 pm – Entertainment will be provided by David Hiscox
2:30 – 3:15 pm – Talk from the Alzheimers Society
3:15 – 3:30 pm –  Refreshments
Please join us for part of the day or all of the day, whatever fits your schedule. Call 519.527.1440 for more information.

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