Music to the ears……

New Business in Downtown Brussels is playing a part in Huron County’s Cultural Scene ……


More than three decades ago Bill Scheltema picked up his first guitar and learned to play it, but what he’s always wanted to do is build guitars.  The “build it and they will come” axiom has proven true for this talented craftsman — the instruments Bill designs and constructs are more than guitars, they are works of art and in demand.  CanadianBreed Custom Electrics has established a new standard of excellence, recognized both nationally and internationally.



Whether the unique semi-acoustic guitar with a set neck or the solid body semi-hollow carved top model, CanadianBreed is truly a breed apart.  Hand-wound P90 pickups allow for customized sound production — is the instrument to produce a modern tone or more vintage?  Headstock designs are distinctive and reflect the attention to detail inherent in every CanadianBreed guitar.  Personalized service is paramount.



“The Uptown” semi-hollow model features a set neck, P90’s, Filtertrons, Humbuckers and gold foil pickups and can include body inserts of brushed aluminum, pearloid or metallic.  A guitar that embodies retro-vintage class.


“The Downtown” is a solid body model that’s sleek and streamlined.  Trim bling and solid colour finish combine with great tones and feel to produce a guitar that sounds as good as it looks.


The S-Class “Sherwood Classic” with its contoured headstock, upper body horn and rich colour gives a whole new meaning to “class act.”  Standard options include Hipshot stainless steel bridge, P90’s, various Humbuckers, and solid body or chambered construction.  Playing is believing.


These one-of-a-kind instruments with top quality hardware and electronics inspire guitarists.  “Unbridle Your Passion” is CanadianBreed’s philosophy—and that’s what happens.  Client Randy Bachman seems to agree!


Be certain to stop by for their Open House on Sunday, June 22nd from 10 am to 6 pm. Watch for directional signage leading you to the historic Village of Brussels. Although road construction is underway, the downtown business district is open for business.

Check out details below. Everyone welcome!