Hello again from the University of Guelph!

Hello again! Shelby, Mike, Wil, Ben, and Scott from the University of Guelph here. We just wanted to briefly check in and let everyone know what we have been up to lately in terms of our contribution to the Village of Vanastra Revitalization Project.VAN_LOGO

First things first though: As promised, HERE is the link to our Facebook group. Feel free to drop by and give us your ideas or your feedback. We want to hear from you!

If you aren’t a fan of Facebook and would like to use e-mail instead, drop us a line at teamvanastra@gmail.com and let us know what you are thinking!

And if you’re curious, you can click HERE to view our first post from last week.

Photograph courtesy of Library and Archives Canada Ottawa


What have we been up to?

Our first visit to the Village of Vanastra was very informative. We were able to meet with the Vanastra Revival Task Force and hit the ground running! We went on a tour of the Village and were impressed by the atmosphere. We all agreed that the Village of Vanastra is indeed unique; the military history and the emergent combination of both residential and industrial lands has resulted in a sort of “new urbanism” that has our planners excited!

We were also able to speak with a handful of business owners who gave us warm welcomes and answered our questions. The idea of a the Village of Vanastra as a “business cluster” has been bouncing around between us quite a bit since then; many of the businesses in Vanastra seem to fall under the common theme of home improvement. Labeling Vanastra as your all-in-one-stop home improvement destination could be an attractive idea for current and future business owners alike. 

We have also been discussing the need for improved WayFinding and Signage for the Village of Vanastra and have included in this discussion the importance of a strong internet presence. We believe that ‘online wayfinding’ can play an important role in the growth of Vanastra in terms of business, accessibility, and identity.


Anyways, those are just a few things we have been discussing. Remember to put your thinking caps on and give us your ideas and feedback on Facebook or by email.

See you soon!

-Shelby, Mike, Wil, Ben and Scott
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