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Room to grow in Huron East

Inspiration by Design….Celebrating Living Seaforth

Inspired living seaforth launch invitation blogRead more about this exciting development in the Town of Seaforth………

Retirement by Design

Since their birth between 1946 and 1959, Baby Boomers have ‘driven’ everything — housing, furniture, cars, education, marketing, and national economies; however, they are now reaching a time when decelerating, downsizing, and taking the time to smell the roses are attractive alternatives to the busy lives they’ve led.

In response to this trend, the Municipality of Huron East is poised to welcome a new community planned especially for those, who value specific function, as much as form.seaForth day full size “Inspired Living Seaforth” will be a development encompassing the amenities and necessities important to those of a certain age: Baby Boomers, Zoomers, and their contemporaries—and will be set in close proximity to bustling towns, diverse and prolific arts sectors, country woodlands and hiking trails, as well as the beaches of a beautiful lakeshore.

To be located in the historic and vibrant town of Seaforth, and adjacent to the community’s medical campus, this multi-phase, multi-million dollar development will include 40 condos, and

HuronEast_140331_ShopSeaforthPostcard-reduceda three-storey 80 rental unit building with many main floor conveniences, including a fitness studio, physio/rehab, greenhouse, lounge, dining room, hair salon, activity/crafts room, and nursing office. Completing this all-inclusive community will be a centre for more dependent residents, providing comprehensive medical and personal care.

Furthermore, a centre of excellence in cognitive impairments and palliative care is planned for the retirement community. By partnering with the University of Western Ontario, Inspired Living Seaforth will become a research hub for the Aging and Naturally Occurring Retirement Communities (NORC).

Inspired Living Seaforth- Rendered Site Plan

JL Retirement PropertyIn addition, it will be designed to offer the features and distinct lifestyle of rural living to those, who have long resided in the country. Remaining in a familiar environment makes transition, and change far more palatable to retirees and for those eventually requiring assistance with day-to-day living.

JL Retirement Living, the parent company of Inspired Living Seaforth, is under the direction of President and CEO Jessica Lunshof, a former emergency and long-term care nurse, her brother Joshua, Vice President of Operations, with extensive management experience, and financial advisor Executive Vice President Steven Smelt.

Inspired Living Seaforth will provide both residential comfort and specialized services. A place of relaxed and enriched living planned for your future.

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Jan Hawley, Economic Development Officer Municipality of Huron East

Written by:

Carolyn Parks Mintz for the Municipality of Huron East

Huron East Launches Business Recruitment Program

c WinThisSpace Logo F

When does a good idea become a “great” idea? When it’s a hit, and the Municipality of Huron East is undertaking a creative contest, the first of its kind in Huron County, to help budding entrepreneurs along the road to success.

“Win this Space”, an award winning initiative first launched by the Uxbridge BIA in 2013, will provide the multi-faceted leg-up that every new business owner needs: financial assistance, marketing, advertising, education, networking, and mentorship.

The grand prize is one year’s free rent for a selected storefront on the main street of either, Seaforth or Brussels, together with hundreds of dollars worth of in-kind professional services from “Win This Space” sponsors.

Antique Alley copy with logo

Canadian citizens (19 years or older) from across Ontario are invited to submit their business ideas, in the hopes of being selected as a candidate.  If chosen, they along with a guest will attend the kick-off event at the Seaforth Golf Club in late April to learn more about the contest.

Chosen candidates will be required to attend free educational workshops sponsored by the Small Business Enterprise Centre:

        • How to Start a Business  & Develop a Business Plan
        • Developing a Marketing & Promotional Strategy
        • Taking care of business – Financial Statements 

Each workshop will involve assignments, research, and coaching on how to create a successful Business Model.  When complete, the entrants will submit their business plans to the Huron East Economic Development Department to be reviewed by the “Win This Space” judging panel.  Judges will chose the top five candidates.  These finalists will attend the Finale where they’ll have the chance to pitch their idea and business model for a chance to win rent for a year at one of several locations in downtown Seaforth or Brussels.

Bits N Bites with logo

Judges for “Win This Space” are:

  • Jan Hawley, Huron East Economic Development Officer/Project Coordinator
  • Alison Lobb, Small Business Enterprise Centre Consultant & Project Trainer
  • Maureen Agar, Community Leader & Seaforth BIA Director
  • Brenda Campbell, Coldwell Banker Realtor & Seaforth BIA Director
  • Chris Lee, Business Owner & Consultant
  • Carolyn Parks Mintz, Author, Journalist, Freelance Writer, Speaker
  • Paul Nichol, Huron East/Brussels Community Development Trust Director
  • Neil Tam, Huron East/Seaforth Community Development Trust Director

“We hope to inspire someone to become an entrepreneur,” says Jan Hawley.  “Win This Space will help give a new business owner a ‘leg-up’ eliminating some of the big start-up costs incurred in the first year. This initiative is evidence that the Municipality of Huron East is serious about recruiting new ventures,” she goes on.  “We are definitely open for business.”

Jan Hawley Profile Shot

Huron East Mayor Bernie MacLellan sees “Win this Space” as another step in the evolution of how to help out start-up endeavours.  “The Brussels Business & Cultural Centre was our first step forward,” says MacLellan, “offering affordable rental sites.  Win This Space is a similar concept, but with more advantages – less overhead, frontage right on a main street, exposure, and marketing help.”


“What I like best about this programme,” says Paul Nichol, Economic Development Manager with the Huron Business Development Corporation, “is that it’s thinking outside the box, and it’s a more aggressive approach to recruitment of business.  Huron East is adopting a best practice in the form of an award-winning project to see how it will play out in our neighbourhood.”


“I would love to see young entrepreneurs get involved, perhaps someone moving back to the area. This could spread like wildfire,” says Nichol.  “Other communities will be watching.  It’s all about buzz.  Buzz is good.”

Coldwell Banker Realtor Brenda Campbell particularly likes that, besides filling a vacant storefront and helping a business owner, local residents will benefit as well.  “And it’s difficult to start a business from scratch,” says Campbell.  “Win This Space eliminates a portion of the financial stress.”

Brenda Campbell

“This undertaking is going to bring attention and focus to innovation and to new enterprise,” states Business Consultant Chris Lee.  “And it will rally the community around the idea of originality and small business as economic drivers. In addition to the financial benefits,” Lee adds, “Win This Space will provide mentoring for the new business owner.  Having someone to call upon for advice around decisions is an essential asset.”

“It’s the right time and the right place for this type of project,” says Educator Alison Lobb.  ‘And Jan Hawley is the right person to pull it off.  Win This Space will encourage people from outside this municipality to consider Huron East as their new location,” she goes on.  “It will highlight the benefits of having a dedicated retail or business outlet.”


“We at the Small Business Enterprise Centre are pleased to be providing the workshops that will educate contestants regarding their business plan and the various forms of paperwork inherent in a sole proprietorship,” adds Lobb.  “And, by the way, it will be fun! – for the judges, the contestants, and the public, who will be watching.”

Teacher helping some students

Journalist Carolyn Parks Mintz sees “Win This Space” as a win-win-win.  “All those entering the contest,” says Parks Mintz, “will come away with new business knowledge and skills as well as new contacts.  Secondly, a community, the municipality and the county will benefit, and thirdly, Huron East’s “space launch” will most certainly help the winner’s new business take off.”

CMP PublicityPic cropped_1

Of course, this wouldn’t have happened with out the support of its funders, namely the Municipality of Huron East, the County of Huron, the Huron East Seaforth & Brussels Community Development Trusts, the Seaforth Business Improvement Area Association, and the businesses that are donating cash and in-kind services to the winner.

3 sponsors

Project partners are the Small Business Enterprise Centre (training) and Huron Business Development Corporation  (mentoring).

“Win This Space” is now open to all budding entrepreneurs, who would like to bring their ideas forward.  The official kick-off event and candidate selection will be held in late April at the Seaforth Golf Club followed by three separate workshops (dates to be announced), with the Finale being held in June when the winner will be announced.

Anyone who has considered putting their new business idea to the test, who would like to expand and relocate a current business, or who has been running a home-based operation should get in on this amazing opportunity to take the next step in achieving their goal.  Huron East wants to hear all about it!

For more information, contact “Win This Space” Project Coordinator, Jan Hawley at 519.527.0160 or


Sip, Sip and Savour…..

Maelstrom large

First Registered Winery in Huron County


Jim Landsborough and Catherine Peckitt-Landsborough have roots deep in Huron County.  Jim and his ancestors have farmed in Tuckersmith Township in the Municipality of Huron East since 1834, and the present 100-acre spread they call home was once part of Catherine’s family farm.  However, since 2009 this industrious couple has put down quite different roots, while embarking on an enterprise that will bring a new industry to Huron County.

Winemaking…….and not just ordinary wines.


Their goal is to produce the highest quality wine from the very best grapes that Huron County can grow.  Following considerable research, which included hiring renowned cool climate consultant Kevin Ker to assist with site and vine selection and visits to numerous wineries throughout Canada and the USA, as well as a one acre test plot and several trial batches, Maelstrom’s Vineyard now spreads over 8 acres and comprises 9,600 vines.


Huron East has proven to be just the place to deliver the moderate adversity that grape vines require to produce excellent fruit…..the plants need stress to condense the grapes, which results in the most flavourful wines. This boutique winery is growing several hybrid grape varieties developed as cold-hardy, disease tolerant, and early ripening.  And Jim and Catherine have also put in “vitis vinifera“, pure bred European vines, planted on a root stock that makes them hardier.


Maelstrom Winery will produce red, white, and rosé wines as well as blends and sparkling cider.  Ably assisted by their sons, Brett, Blaine and Brian, who are very much involved with the new business, the entire family is looking forward to developing this unique initiative, one that’s sure to heighten the profile of Huron County with wine-lovers and tourists alike.


It has been said that life is too short to drink bad wine—Maelstrom Winery agrees and will deliver preeminent Riesling, Baco Noir, Cabernet Franc, Geisenheim, Chardonnay, Maréchal Foch Frontenac Blanc, Vidal and Marquette, an award winning wine that finishes as a complex, ruby red with pronounced tannins and highly desirable notes of cherry, berry, black pepper, and spice on both nose and palate.


Santé!  Cheers!  Skål!  Prost!  Salute!

For more details on this exciting new venture located just south of Seaforth, Ontario in the heart of Ontario’s West Coast contact the owners, Jim & Catherine at