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Come Home for the Holidays…..

Pemberley House Bed & Breakfast

145 Main Street North ● Seaforth, Ontario N0K 1W0 ● 226.699.0003

_mg_0097_8_9_tonemappedPemberley House Bed and Breakfast is aptly named—for the Pemberley estate of Author Jane Austen’s famous novel Pride and Prejudice, and best described as a “large, handsome stone building” situated within a charming countryside.

_mg_0052_3_4_tonemappedSeaforth’s vintage, yet newly refurbished, B&B establishment was built in 1874 during the Victorian era. And its welcoming façade echoes a time of slower paced living, garden soirees, and social “at homes”.


_mg_0058_59_60_tonemappedProprietors John and Nancy Welter are keen to replicate an atmosphere of leisure and recreation. With considerable experience hosting international university students in the past, they definitely know how to extend a welcome and to provide creature comforts for their guests.


_mg_0064_5_6_tonemappedExtensive renovations have restored the look and the feel of Pemberley House. New bedsteads, mattress sets, bed linens, fluffy towels, and accoutrements will set the tone for those staying at Pemberley House—along with its beautiful and functional French Provincial furnishings throughout. The Welter’s keen eye for quality antiques is evident—this grand old home has received a face-lift and a makeover.

_mg_0055_6_7_tonemappedProviding beautiful rooms, delicious food, efficient amenities, and a friendly atmosphere are the goals of the Welters. They are people who enjoy people. Positive guest experience is the raison d’etre for all they do, for all they offer those who come through the elegant entrance of their home—designed to be their guests’ home while there.

_mg_0034_5_6_tonemappedVisitors have the option of touring local attractions or enjoying indoor activities as well as badminton, volley ball, bocce, or croquet on Pemberley’s expansive lawns. It’s all about a relaxed, countryside experience and the pleasures of a small but progressive community.

_mg_0004_5_6_tonemappedFrom its gracious and beautiful foyer to the embedded Swarovski crystals of its bedroom duvets, Pemberley House is a place to be experienced as much as lived in. Treat yourself to its ambiance.


_mg_0001_2_3-1As Jane Austen once said, “To sit in the shade of a fine day and look upon verdure is the most perfect refreshment.”

_mg_0109_10_11_tonemappedUpcoming Special Event:

Pemberley House B & B’s first Potluck Christmas Dinner. Bring a dish and BYOB. Donations to the Seaforth & District Community Hospital greatly appreciated.

DATE:   Saturday, December 17th, 2016
TIME:    7:00 PM
Please  RSVP to Nancy at 226-699-0003 or E-mail


Contact Jan Hawley, Economic Development Officer, Municipality of Huron East, Seaforth, Ontario or 519.527.0160

Written by Carolyn Parks Mintz for the Municipality of Huron East

Photography by Lynne Moreland, Westcoast Photograph

All that glitters is not gold…..

Except for Avelina Jewelry,

“Village of Vanastra’s Newest & Brightest Star”

_mg_9984-1The talented group responsible for pulling off yet another “Win This Space” contest reported recently that the Village of Vanastra will welcome a new business—and that the Municipality of Huron East will benefit from an imaginative entrepreneur taking her creative venture to another level.

_mg_9940-1With Seaforth’s successful Win This Space 2015 project as a model, Economic Development Officer Jan Hawley assembled a professional team and an erudite panel of judges in order to replicate the initiative in Vanastra.

_mg_9954-1“It was a four-way win,” Hawley reports. “The contestants, the Municipality, the community and the successful entrant all gained advantages. We were pleased to launch this innovative business recruitment initiative once again.”

_mg_9968-1“The diversity of the entries in the contest especially stood out for me,” Hawley goes on. “They encompassed culture, light manufacturing, and the food industry, all initiated by dynamic women who were definitely on a mission.

_mg_6043-editI called our finalists “The Fav Five.” Hawley also reports that as a result of the Vanastra revitalization plan implemented by Huron East, commercial space in the village is now at a premium.

img_20160704_192912In addition to comprehensive business education expertly provided by Consultant Alison Lobb to all entrants, contest winner Gerrie Huenemoerder and her Avelina Jewelry enterprise won funding of a twelve-month lease, a large prize package from numerous sponsors, and broad publicity, as well as advice and guidance from the Hawley-Lobb duo.

_mg_9945Following her success with Win This Space, Huenemoerder has been more than busy. Relocating to Huron East and setting up shop for her business in Vanastra has been a full-time task, but one which she enthusiastically undertook.

0.50 Diamond Center Gem - 14k White Gold Ring 2 Blue Sapphires - .37 ctw 50 Diamonds - .13 ctw Clarity: VS2 - Color: F-G Joseph Jewelry - top View

0.50 Diamond Center Gem – 14k White Gold Ring 2 Blue Sapphires – .37 ctw 50 Diamonds – .13 ctw Clarity: VS2 – Color: F-G Joseph Jewelry – top View

“It’s been an exciting journey thus far,” she says, “and I’m looking forward to the entire commercial road trip leading to my being open for business.” In addition to its Win This Space victory, Avelina Jewelry caught the attention of the Blyth Arts & Cultural Initiative 14/19 and its “The Pitch, The Catch”— a rural Dragon’s Den event for entrepreneurs. And through it, Huenemoerder now has the ardent support and encouragement of investment/business mentor Ian Matthews. Additionally, the Huron Business Development Corporation is providing backing and assistance to her artistic start-up.

_mg_9978Huenemoerder’s successful pitch included reference to jewellery of the past—represented and broadly recognizable through the ‘blue box’ of Birks fame. “There was a time when branded jewellery was predominant,” reports Huenemoerder, “but that eventually faded. Branded lines in the fashion industry are now where it’s at. The timing is perfect for launching Avelina’s original designs—and yes, we’ll have distinctive packaging!”

_mg_9950-1 Her business plan is three-pronged—supplying her creations to a large wholesale market, retail sales, and the production of other designers’ pieces—all of which will be made possible by the acquisition of a state-of-the-art 3D printer. Renovations at the Vanastra space and the hiring of staff are still on her dance card—and of course, planning the imminent grand opening of the new location for her business. (Saturday, December 10th, 2016 – Details below.)

_mg_9946Avelina is an ancient Germanic name whose meanings include strength, life, and desirability. And Avelina Jewelry embraces all of these, as does its award-winning designer. Whether it be in a pendant, a bracelet, earrings, or a necklace, Gerrie Huenemoerder’s distinctive style is evident. As well, many of her pieces have a touch of whimsy about them – undeniably an appealing combination.

_mg_9938“As much as it’s a statement of one’s style and taste, jewellery is a sensory, tactile accessory,” states Huenemoerder. “Clients and customers need to be able to touch it, see it up close and personal, feel its inherent qualities. I like to say that Avelina Jewelry lets you wear your life next to your heart.”


Join us Saturday, December 10th, 2016 from 11:00 am to 3:00 pm for the Grand Opening of Avelina Jewelry. The studio is located at 38E 1st Avenue in the Village of Vanastra, (corner of 1st Avenue and Halifax Road) just south of the community of Clinton Ontario.



Contact Jan Hawley, Economic Development Officer, Municipality of Huron East, Seaforth, Ontario

Written by Carolyn Parks Mintz for the Municipality of Huron East

Photography by Lynne Moreland, Westcoast Photography



And the winner is?

“Introducing our Fabulous Five Win This Space Finalists”

Win This Space Industrial FHave you always wanted to be your own boss, to manage your own business? The Municipality of Huron East embarked on an initiative in the spring of 2016 that helped do just that!  As part of a revitalization project within the former RCAF/Canadian Forces Base, now the Village of Vanastra, the Municipality invited budding entrepreneurs to take part in a competition that is sure to kick-start their enterprise.

Now, after months of training and hard work by the contestants, Huron East is pleased to announce the five finalists (see below), who will take part in the Grand Finale on Saturday, August 27th at the Seaforth Golf Course vying for a prize valued at thousands of dollars.  Come meet these five fabulous entrepreneurs and cheer them on. The event is open to the public. Doors open at 6:30 pm. Refreshments served.

Contestant: Gerrie Huenemoerder

Business: “Avelina Jewelry”

Avelina is an ancient Germanic name whose meanings include strength, life, and desirability. And Avelina Jewelry embraces all of these, as does its designer.

Gerrie HeadshotAward winning jeweller Gerrie Huenemoerder is first and foremost an artist. Her beautiful creations are formed from silver, gold, and platinum, many of which involve vitreous enamelling—an age-old process of fusing glass to metals.

0.50 Diamond Center Gem - 14k White Gold Ring 2 Blue Sapphires - .37 ctw 50 Diamonds - .13 ctw Clarity: VS2 - Color: F-G Joseph Jewelry - top View

But most of all, Avelina Jewelry is unique. Whether it be in a pendant, a bracelet, earrings, or a necklace, Gerrie’s distinctive style is evident. And many of her pieces have a touch of whimsy about them. If you’re looking for a one-of-a-kind enviable and memorable present, Gerrie is able to personalize that gift in exceptional ways. And perhaps it will be a gift from you for you!


Contestant: Debbie Nassar

Business: “Imagine Creative Centre”

headshot DebbiejpgDebbie Nassar was born an artist. As a young girl who loved the arts but from a family with limited resources, she recognized that there was a definite need to facilitate the nurturing and development of everyone’s creative side. This has stayed with Debbie throughout her life as she explored fine art, learned much, and enhanced her innate gift—speaking through paint and canvas.

20160715_095410 (2)Although life took her down a path that did not allow much time for innovative painting, Debbie found a way to cultivate her imaginative side by hosting an adult art club in her home—budding artists bring their supplies and current project and get together with other like-minded individuals.

Debbie 2The Imagine Creative Centre will be Debbie’s next step—one that will welcome children seven to eighteen years of age into the world of art. And for those who need help with the modest fee for this introduction to imagination, sponsors will be arranged. In age appropriate groups, kids will get to experiment with a variety of materials and methods, and have fun. Their sessions will be held once a week for two hours over a twelve week period. Adult art classes will be organized as well, led by Debbie and with experts in various media to allow exploration of the many ways to express one’s creativity.

Little girl paintingAs the late, great singer/songwriter Harry Chapin once wrote about a young child, “There are so many colours in the rainbow, so many colours in the morning sun, so many colours in the flower, and I see everyone!” Let the art and the artists begin!

Contestant: Jackie DeWit

Business: “No Nonsense Natural Products”

There are those among us who are pioneers, ahead-of-the-curve people—they explore uncharted waters. A few years ago, Jackie DeWit began to think outside the box when it became obvious that ‘the box’ did not offer nor contain what she needed.

13483004_10154193694440140_467074663067683624_o (1)Given her children’s health issues, Jackie’s family switched to organic foods, but regardless of their diet change, they eventually realized that there were many products in their home that were far from non-toxic. And so began her quest to develop completely natural commodities for all their needs—and to be able to afford them! Hence, No Nonsense Natural Products was launched.

14022374_10154327158610140_3286546704325466973_nExtensive research, experimentation, and modification have led to 25 new products that neutralize the toxic soup often existing within a home No Nonsense cleaning supplies, cosmetic necessities and personal care items include glass and floor cleaner, dishwashing and laundry soap, bug spray, sun screen, toothpaste, body wash, shampoo, and deodorant, to name a few. And none of these cost more than $20—in fact, a three month supply of laundry detergent is priced at just $20. In addition, Jackie utilizes minimal packaging and re-usable containers for her leading-edge products.

13939497_10154314098895140_5580883458668685085_nIf she needed confirmation that there is a market for her ideas, it came in the response to a simple message on Jackie’s personal Facebook page, stating that No Nonsense Natural Products would be part of Vanastra’s Win This Space contest. This announcement resulted in 130 orders!

Through Jackie and her new enterprise, families and individuals are able to take charge of their environment, make healthful changes, and do it all with a ‘green’ slant. It’s a win-win-win! People are getting on board with this in a big way, and Jackie has the Good Ship No Nonsense going full steam ahead.

Contestant: Marcie Riegling

Business: “Marcie Media”

Marcie Riegling is an idea person—and sometimes her brainwaves stem from other ideas—an extrapolation, an offshoot of an initiative already underway. Concepts are often organic.

Marcie RieglingA couple of years ago, Marcie was asked to create a calendar featuring men who donated their time and talent to helping the Huron County Women’s Shelter. With a background in graphic design, she readily took on the project. And it was during its process that the seeds were sown with her to develop a similar calendar profiling women in the community who had made a difference.

Pin Up CalendarsThe “Inspiring Women of Huron County Pin-up Calendar” for 2017 will come off the presses in late August. It highlights women who, much like their male counterparts, have contributed, have cared and who stand out!

Marcie Riegling2As a result of the support and success of previous calendar projects, Marcie Media has been commissioned to create similar calendars for other charities. Win This Space offers the opportunity of a dedicated operations office and studio that will help to bring more of Marcie’s ideas to fruition.

Marcie Riegling3

Contestant: Kymm Moore

Business: “Khaos Artisan Bakery”

_MG_5961-EditThe artistic and creative mecca of Huron County and area is about to welcome yet another inspired entrepreneur. It is said that from a young age, we are drawn to professions and areas of expertise that just feel right, that are where we belong. And for Kymm Moore, that’s always been in the kitchen!

image3As a Red Seal Certified Baker, Patissier and Chef, Kymm has been concocting delicious dishes for appreciative patrons for years—all the while, yearning to have her own business, her own spot from which to operate. The education and mentoring she’s received through Win This Space are a huge step toward realizing her dream.

image1This talented chef focusses on quality ingredients and optimal flavour, utilizing local and seasonal products. The bakery-bistro Kymm is planning will offer fresh baked artisanal breads, European style cakes and pastries (both sweet and savoury) and eventually, light lunches—all of which will tempt the palate, treat the taste buds and definitely satisfy customers’ appetite for excellent food.

image7 (1)Her broad experience in the industry will allow Kymm and Khaos to provide catering, as well as to extend Pastry Chef services to local restaurants wanting to include additional desserts on their menus—desserts that are original and delectable.

image5[1]There is nothing as tasty as food created by someone who loves cooking!

Jan Hawley, Economic Development Officer, Municipality of Huron East, Seaforth, Ontario

Written for the Municipality of Huron East by Carolyn Parks Mintz, Author & Freelance Writer