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Wheels are turning in Huron East……

Town of Seaforth looks to active transportation for a healthier lifestyle.

Bringing citizens together to increase mobility and public space can create more vibrant, healthy, and open-minded communities,” according to Gil Penalosa, Founder of “8 80 Cities. He advocates that creating safe and happy communities that prioritize people’s well-being and develop public spaces that are great for an 8-year-old to an 80-year-old, will inevitably become great for all people.

Following this lead, the Municipality of Huron East is embracing the approach of  “8 80 Cities” by developing cycling trails throughout the Town of Seaforth.  As a result of provincial-federal gas tax funding and future road construction, the opportunity to launch this initiative was financially feasible. This will be a first for Huron County, with Seaforth becoming a model for other urban communities within the county looking to create their own bike routes.

To celebrate, Huron East is partnering with the Huron County Health Unit, and 360 Bikes & Boards of Goderich by hosting a mini bike rally Tuesday, June 12th at 11:30 am behind Seaforth Town Hall (adjacent to Victoria Park).

All members of the public are invited to experience the potential of active transportation in this historic town of 2,300 people. Come ride the back streets of Seaforth, as we celebrate “Bike Month” and hear of future plans for our community.

Come join the FUN….everyone is welcome!

Walton Raceway & Edge of Walton Challenge Course

RE-LAUNCH of Walton Raceway

OPEN HOUSE Tuesday, May 15th, 2018 from 1 – 4 pm.

You are invited to Come Experience Walton!

While many may know a lot of what we do here at Walton, there is so much more being offered at our Open House. We put together a list of stories you may find interesting to share with your readers. Read on…..

The 2017 IPM was definitely one of the most successful plowing matches in the history of this annual event. Riding on its success, Walton organizers are determined to continue its legacy, bringing people out to Huron County, Huron East and sharing their success with all future events and tourist drivers in the area. Warden Jim Ginn and local business owner, Brian McGavin, along with many others from Huron County including Huron East Council will be onsite to discuss the legacy and opportunity.

  • Four-time Canadian National Motocross Champion Colton Facciotti will be onsite testing for the upcoming motocross Nationals. The Alymer Ontario racer hopes to leave Walton a 5-time champion in August 2018. He along with other riders and Walton organisers will be onsite to discuss the 2018 Walton TransCan Grand National Championships.
  • Don Dodds and Wayne Harnock are two friends from Brussels, who are using Walton Raceway for competitive Retriever training. Their duck dogs will be onsite showing off this fascinating sport.
  • Tom Bitz of London Ontario picked up RC car racing as a hobby a few years ago. The multi-time national champion will be onsite with his 1/5 scale remote control car.


Edge of Walton also hosts a challenge course that is directed at young people in our schools, giving them outdoor experiences, and confidence-building opportunities. Walton has over one thousand kids per year take in the Edge of Walton Challenge Course.

Edge Of Walton Challenge Course is a Non Profit organization giving back 10% annually to local groups and organizations. It is not only part of our commitment to our community, it is a part of our legacy.

While most associate the Walton Raceway with motocross, Walton is a leader in environmental and community-driven initiatives:

  • Over 80,000 trees have been planted on the 200 acres on the raceway property

  • A giant 100 KW solar building sits at the entrance

  • Acres of wetland habitat has been restored for native species with walking trails to access the areas for education

  • In 2017, Walton rescued more than 100 snapping turtle eggs, and along with Maitland Valley Conservation Authority, released them into the surround area ponds.

Working with local businesses is another important focus of Walton Raceway. The Open House will host five local businesses on site to network and chat about what we are working on in 2018.

“Tanner Steffler Foundation will create a culture of change in Mental Health, Addiction and Wellness services for youth and their families in Huron County”, says Founders John and Heather Steffler.

John Steffler will be on site to bring awareness of their foundation, share their current objectives and provide details of their 3-year plan. The Tanner Steffler Foundation has brought forth the need for an opportunity like the challenge course and will be onsite talking about future partnerships.

Maelstrom Winery will be in attendance as a supportive partner at Walton. Maelstrom is a local winery that will be providing tastings of the outstanding wines they are producing right here in Huron County. Discover Huron County’s first winery. Taste the difference artisanal winemaking and unique terroir bring.

Windmill Lake & Eco Park, is a unique outdoor recreation park located only 5 minutes from Bayfield and Lake Huron. Nestled within 200 acres of forest, their 40-acre private lake offers activities for all ages and interests. Windmill Lake is dedicated to offering everyone an opportunity to sustainably explore the outdoors in Ontario through wakeboarding, paddleboarding, canoeing, kayaking, pedal boating, special events, yoga and adventure retreats! Jennifer Pate will be here to talk Windmill Lake and Walton, Huron Adventures!

G2G Rail Trail, Building Bridges and Connecting Communities. The Walton G2G trailheads is within 250 metres of Walton Raceway, you can easily access this 127 km safe passage to hike, bike, run or walk. Also located across the road from Walton Raceway is the Huron County REA Memorial Forest, part of the Huron County reforestation project. Grace Vandenheuvel, G2G Rail Trail will be here to chat all things trail.


Any questions or comments, please feel free to contact us anytime.

See you in Walton! 

Brett Lee