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Local never tasted so good!!!

Local Oganics SignIt’s been said that we are what we eat, and the primary purpose of a nutritious business in Seaforth is to ensure that becomes a very good thing.

Cara and TaraHolistic Nutritionists Tara Finnigan and Cara Wicke launched Local Organics Health Food & Wellness Centre after being one of the top finalists in Huron East’s “Win This Space” competition for entrepreneurs. In response to the need for a readily available retailer of dietary supplements and organic foods in the Seaforth area, they opened their storefront carrying a wide variety of probiotics, gluten-free and whole foods, as well as vitamin products. Meats and eggs available at Local Organics are all produced by Huron County farmers.

2195_6_7_tonemapped2267_8_9_tonemappedTheir Produce Box Programme has proven to be very popular and especially effective in providing customers with high quality, affordable, certified organic and ecologically grown fruits and vegetables year round. They even include recipes and cooking suggestions. With flexibility built in, customers choose the frequency, the content and the quantity of their food box. Eating well has never been so easy!

2297_8_9_tonemapped2291_2_3_tonemappedIn addition to being a whole food supplier, Local Organics offers nutritional counselling and advice to ensure individual client needs are being met. Their retail outlet is becoming a community hub—a welcoming place where people can come to ask questions, to learn, and take charge of their own wellbeing, comfortable in the knowledge that the Cara and Tara team care.

2240_1_2_tonemapped2351_2_3_tonemappedIt’s all about encouraging a lifestyle that promotes ideal health, one that allows people to be the best they can be. Educational workshops, speakers, and group get-togethers on topics such as exercise, stress management and self-esteem are also in the works.

2318_19_20_tonemappedThere’s a positive energy inside Local Organics’ retail outlet—perhaps the food itself emits it. Certainly, Tara and Cara project it. Living well is the goal they espouse for their clientele—and their innovative initiative has everything it takes to get there.


Written by:

Carolyn Parks- Mintz for the Municipality of Huron East Economic Development Department