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The Creative Economy in Huron County…..

It’s all about making the right connections!

…and Charlie & Alison Hoy of Brussels, Ontario have done exactly that!

Although it was the exquisite Victorian 19th century architecture and stately homes that first attracted the Hoys to the area, it was the capacity to connect to the rest of the world through advanced technology that made it possible to establish their business in this quaint rural Ontario community.


…..and the rest is history.

Their company, known as Vital Imagery Ltd., was founded by an experienced management team with a desire to develop and market electronic clipart, photos, fonts, sounds and animations to professionals in graphic design, publishing and education, as well as to the home user. The original team included company owners Charlie and Alison Hoy as well as two other individuals with significant experience and contacts in the various relevant industries.

business growth

From the launch of its subsidiary,, the company has grown into one of the industry leaders, proudly boasting a collection of close to 8 million high quality electronic images including clipart, animations, fonts, sounds, HD video and photos, licensed from some of the world’s leading micro-stockers.

Vibrant lined fractal

Of recent, and this is the really exciting news, their company has acquired the largest supplier of clipart and 3D animations world-wide, increasing its inventory from its current 8 million to over 21 million. This is quite a coup! 


Company Co-founder and CEO Charlie Hoy says, “These acquisitions enhance the diversity of Vital Imagery’s image components and affirms its leadership position in the world of royalty-free online image subscriptions.”  Associated with well recognized companies, such as, MicroSoft, Warner Bros., Nintendo, GM OnStar, ABC and CBS the Hoys have escalated their company to the top of the pyramid.

The Municipality of Huron East would like to take this opportunity to congratulate the Hoys and their staff for the contribution they’ve made in strengthening the economic position, not only of Huron East, but its entire region. Well done! We look forward to seeing you soar!

Link here for full press release.

For more information:

Bonnie Gropp
Communications Manager
Vital Imagery Ltd. – Operating the Net’s Best Clipart and Animation Sites!
p: 519-489-4694

From out of the ashes…..

Foodland Fire

“Heritage meets Innovation”

No matter what time of the day it is when one hears the howl of sirens pierce the air, it usually means one thing….BAD NEWS. On April 27, 2013 that same sound proved no different as it resonated through the Town of Seaforth, and its surrounding neighbourhoods, as the Seaforth Foodland gave way to a raging fire leaving the community’s only grocery store in a pile of rubble.

Foodland_ASP5747 email

However, after only 7 short months (although to many it seemed an eternity), Foodland again opened its doors to the delight of the public. Showing no resemblance to its former self, this new blend of historic and functional design nicely complements Seaforth’s celebrated Heritage Conservation District in the downtown business core. With the support and commitment of the Sobeys corporation, owners Steve and Barbara Delchiaro, and staff of the Municipality of Huron East & County of Huron, our community of 3,200 now boasts a state-of-the-art grocery store rivalling any found in the big cities.

The Town of Seaforth invites you to visit the newest addition to its historic downtown….during your visit take time to stroll the heritage district with its authentic 19th century architecture and unique shops. For a full directory visit

Take a tour…..


Historic images from the Municipality of Huron East Archives and the collection of local photographer Frank Phillips. Check out a recent interview conducted by former Seaforth Mayor David Scott regarding Mr. Phillips and his life in Seaforth.

Baked GoodsDaily Baking….Nice and Fresh!




Wonderful deli with prepared foods, include Village Greek Salad, Almondine Green Beans, Stuffed Green Peppers, Cabbage Rolls, Shepherd’s Pie and lightly breaded Chicken Breasts smothered in spicy Thai Sauce, to name a few. And then there’s the cheese bar…..


For the gourmet cheese lovers in your family, these are a must try…

Cambozola Cheese –  is a combination of a camembert-style cheese and gorgonzola. It’s a half-this and a half-that. So you get that great mushroomy brie quality — and it’s indeed a triple creme, as well, with added cream to the vat during cheesemaking —plus small pockets of blue cheese throughout. Although I was never a big fan of blue, Cambozola is now my new favourite.
Caramelized Onion Cheddar – is a creamy, buttery cheddar perfectly blended with tangy, caramelized onions. An English favourite.
Wensleydale with Cranberries – the superb texture of this cheese is perfectly complemented by the addition of cranberries. Wensleydale with Cranberries is an innovative blend of flavours and a superb visual experience. 

DSC_0184 Flowers to go!





Fresh, Fresh, FreshDSC_0179 Space, lots of well lit space for displays & easy maneuvering!

Wide isles add to a wonderful shopping experience.


Lots of great nibblies for the party goers!


Visit soon and enjoy how heritage meets innovation!

This plaque represents one of many throughout our downtown depicting the area’s rich history. Take a tour today.

Foodland property Big j email

Acknowledgements: Photographs by Frank Phillips, Angela Smith, Susan Hundertmark, Lynne Moreland, Jan Hawley & the Municipality of Huron East Archives.