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Communities Connected….Stronger Together Chapter 9

The Cowboy Loft

“It’s more than ropin’ & riding….”


 The Place

1 km East of Brussels on Newry Road, Ontario (519) 887-9391


The Management

Tim and Donna Prior


The Story

Tim Prior knows farming, first hand.  When he purchased Brussels Agri Services 15 years ago, he was in touch with the needs of the area and knew what had to happen to grow the business.  In addition to providing and installing all types of high quality fencing, Brussels Agri Services would supply everything else needed for a farm, ranch or acreage together with top notch customer service after the sale.  It’s worked.


Gates, feeders, scales, chutes, stock tanks, floats, waterers and parts—all are available at this one location, along with feed and supplements for livestock and pets.  An Agri Services feed specialist works with producers to balance feed rations and optimize feeding goals.  Feed delivery is part of the service.


Brussels Agri Services is a full service farm supplier carrying pharmaceutical and animal health products, CCIA identification tags, pest control, barn and stable supplies, forks, shovels and scrapers, salt, starters, finishers and premixes for all farm animals.


Seven years ago, Tim and Donna opened The Cowboy Loft at the Agri Services site.  With a large inventory of western tack and clothing, The Cowboy Loft has a broad customer base both local and distant.  From outback fleece to Wranglers and Roper boots, they have what you need for work, play, show, and for just horsing around.






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