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Communities Connected….Stronger Together Chapter 3

Rosella Resin


Read how two young, intelligent, and extremely gifted women from the Town of Seaforth took their vision and creativity to a global arena. Meet our entrepreneurs of the future……let the story begin.


The Place

www.rosellaresin.ca www.etsy.com/shop/RosellaResin (613) 700-1892


The Management 

 Jessica and Gwynne Burgess


The Story

A walk in an Australian forest and a beautiful Rosella Parrat proved to be the catalyst that led to something something striking and unique – Rosella Resin bracelets and rings, the creations of two talented sisters, Jessica and Gwynne Burgess.


The translucence and lustre of their jewellery invite touching, running fingers and hands over them, in the hope of learning secrets – for stories and secrets they have.


Embedded in each one-of-a-kind bangle or ring is an exquisite element of nature, carefully and artfully preserved, to be enjoyed forever.  Whether shells, wheat, dried flowers or their signature parrat feathers are encased, whether highly polished and faceted or with a soft patina, Rosella products are ready-to-wear art.



And the Burgess sisters are conscious of producing eco-friendly merchandise with minimal carbon footprint.  Every feather is from natural molting and the eco-resin they use comes from non-petroleum, bio-renewable materials.  For that ideal gift, there is nothing as exceptional as one that is custom designed—especially a keepsake that includes a special memento or symbol, suspended in its own see-through sea.


Available through online shopping, Rosella Resin jewellery has been purchased by customers in the US, Sweden, Spain, England, France, Singapore, Hungary, New Zealand, Australia and, of course, Canada. Join discerning shoppers worldwide in acquiring or giving an original from Rosella Resin—today’s pleasure, tomorrow’s treasure. 





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