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McCall MacBain Foundation Tornado Relief Announcement



In a letter today, Marcy McCall MacBain, formerly of the Seaforth area in Huron County, and her husband John, both of Geneva, Switzerland, confirmed a message of hope and renewal for the Goderich community with a pledge of financial support from The McCall MacBain Foundation.


“Both my husband John and I want to provide some assistance in this time of great need in Goderich…. I am particularly fond of Goderich, and I treasure its wonderful Western Ontario heritage,” stated part of that message.


The Foundation wishes to provide leverage funding to support the restoration of the built heritage of Goderich – its wonderful inventory of treasured architecture – as well as its natural heritage elements – in particular, the magnificent tree scape – and, any related undertakings to recapture that very special essence of the community that has been lost in the recent horrific environmental catastrophe.


An initial lead cash grant of $100,000 will be made to an approved organization, with an additional amount of leverage funds, up to $200,000, to be matched by cash, not in kind, donations, to enable a minimum total of $500,000 to be raised specifically in support of heritage retention and restoration for the ‘built’ and ‘natural’ environment of the community. (Only funds donated following this announcement will be eligible for matching funds.)


Details about the specifics of the fund, its administration, and its utilization will be finalized and announced in the next few days.


This preliminary announcement is offered as a message of hope, support, and renewal at a difficult time for so many across this small community who are facing what appears to be an insurmountable challenge.




For further information, Contact Paul Carroll 519.524.8303

A winning combination….it’s home grown right here in Huron County!

Parts Canada Walton TransCan Grand National Motocross Championship

Final day for a terrific showcase of speed & excitement at the Walton Raceway Motocross Town.

Read this amazing story from Walton Ontario “Motocross Town” in Huron East located

In the heart of Ontario’s West Coast……

When the gate dropped on the 2011 Parts Canada TransCan everyone expected the event would go as perfectly as it always does.  But few predicted that it would be one of the most special weeks in Canadian sport.  It was only fitting that with this being the 20th Anniversary of the TransCan, a World Champion would become a Walton TransCan Champion for the first time in history.


When World Champion Julien Bill was thinking about what he wanted to do with his racing career in 2012, it didn’t take him long to decide that he wanted to race in Canada.  But in a Country that is as competitive as Canada is in Motocross, Julien knew that before he could secure a sponsor for the 2012 Canadian Nationals he first had to prove himself.  So the Swiss Missile packed his bags on Monday and flew from his home near Geneva, Switzerland all the way to Walton, Ontario in beautiful Huron County. Not only has Julien Bill brought over the experience that comes with winning World Championships, but he has come to Ontario’s West Coast and embraced everything that it has to offer.  On the track at Walton Raceway this week, Bill has shown the speed and smoothness that you would expect from a World Champion, off the track he has been there to offer his guidance and support to local Huron County future star Nathan Bles and a host of other future Canadian heroes.  Everyone has enjoyed him being at the event as much as he has enjoyed being at it.

As the amateur portion of the 2011 Parts Canada TransCan wraps up Saturday night, Champions will be crowned in over 20 classes.  Everyone involved will no doubt look back at the 20th Anniversary of this great event as the most successful ever.  Those who were at the TransCan this week have seen not only a World Champion compete, but a host of other possible future World Champions.  When Walton Raceway owner Chris Lee brought this race to life in 1992, even he didn’t expect it to grow to what it is today.  But, like all the wonders of the world we see before us, it all starts with a dream.  The sport of motocross in Canada is thankful for  the dream 20 years ago. Full results of the Wiseco Amateur Grand National Championship at the Parts Canada TransCan

Competition continues Sunday with the final round of the 9 race Monster Energy Pro National series.

Check out Walton Raceway’s humble beginnings some 40 years ago through a video by new up and coming filmmaker Kevin Eadie, plus local coverage by our own HuronTV productions.

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