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Colborne 175 Years – The RIDGE House & DUNLOP Tomb Tours will proceed

MEDIA UPDATE: Colborne 175 The RIDGE House Tour



After a careful review of the profound emotional impact of the devastating catastrophe in our partner community of Goderich, the planning committee has determined that the scheduled tour of events must proceed.



In the same manner as we must have a diversion for hope, renewal and continuance at the time of a family death, we know the imperative to have a diversion, a necessary break from our mourning process.


The Sunday August 28 tour events are still on. Tickets are available at Huronia on Suncoast Drive, and will be available on site Sunday, 11-5pm. Dunlop Tomb Tours are also on, 12-4 pm.


It IS with a heavy heart that we proceed to welcome visitors to The Ridge and the Dunlop tomb site. Please join us.


Take a needed break from your mourning. And all of us will continue to band together to re-build Goderich again on Monday morning!