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McCall MacBain Foundation Tornado Relief Announcement



In a letter today, Marcy McCall MacBain, formerly of the Seaforth area in Huron County, and her husband John, both of Geneva, Switzerland, confirmed a message of hope and renewal for the Goderich community with a pledge of financial support from The McCall MacBain Foundation.


“Both my husband John and I want to provide some assistance in this time of great need in Goderich…. I am particularly fond of Goderich, and I treasure its wonderful Western Ontario heritage,” stated part of that message.


The Foundation wishes to provide leverage funding to support the restoration of the built heritage of Goderich – its wonderful inventory of treasured architecture – as well as its natural heritage elements – in particular, the magnificent tree scape – and, any related undertakings to recapture that very special essence of the community that has been lost in the recent horrific environmental catastrophe.


An initial lead cash grant of $100,000 will be made to an approved organization, with an additional amount of leverage funds, up to $200,000, to be matched by cash, not in kind, donations, to enable a minimum total of $500,000 to be raised specifically in support of heritage retention and restoration for the ‘built’ and ‘natural’ environment of the community. (Only funds donated following this announcement will be eligible for matching funds.)


Details about the specifics of the fund, its administration, and its utilization will be finalized and announced in the next few days.


This preliminary announcement is offered as a message of hope, support, and renewal at a difficult time for so many across this small community who are facing what appears to be an insurmountable challenge.




For further information, Contact Paul Carroll 519.524.8303 thesolsean@aol.com