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Historic Seaforth and Brussels to be Featured by Rediscovering Canada Television


Seaforth’s award-winning restoration within its business district recently caught the eye of a television producer, who was soon in touch with Huron East Economic Development officer, Jan Hawley, and putting pen to paper in a contract.


Dr. Christopher Cooper is series producer with Rediscovering Canada Television and Editor of Edifice Magazine, a publication dedicated to the owners of old homes and buildings.


Rediscovering Canada is a show that celebrates all the wonderful things to see and do in Canada and promotes its tourism to both domestic and foreign markets—showing Canadians and the world what we have here, so they will make Canada their first choice travel destination.


For what makes small town Ontario, indeed small town Canada, different?  Is it not the yesteryear feel, the pastoral surroundings, the beauty of the past still shining, the richness and attention to detail that went into architecture a century ago, all that quaintness?  Then there’s the slower pace, friendly people, fewer cars, no traffic jams, no concrete and glass towers soaring overhead and interfering with a clear, blue sky.


Rediscovering Canada recognizes these aspects and more.  Yes, the big cities have wonderful arts and entertainment communities, fine dining, huge sports events, and acres of shopping, all of which understandably get lots of attention and visitors.  But it’s the little gems of places tucked away in corners of this great country that add a special something to its fabric.


As Rediscovering Canada reports in its broadcasts: “Don’t try to be Everytown Canada.  Don’t try to be citizens of some artificial globalized community.  Go deeper into your own traditions, people and character, of what makes your town the best place to live and flourish.  Call more upon the geography of your own past, rather than trying to be something you are not.  Be distinct and be credible.  The people of the world will come to rediscover your little part of Canada.”


The Town of Seaforth and the Village of Brussels will have the starring role on a website hyperlink, in a short DVD film, and in a Rediscovering Canada episode segment to be broadcast worldwide on ibroadcast Public Internet Television (IBITV), airing for one week.  Standard over-the-air broadcasters will be offered the show as well.


Staycations and exploring our own backyard are where it’s at these days.  Rediscovering Canada will provide vacationers and visitors with the map—one with the route clearly marked “just a country road away” to all that Seaforth, Brussels and Huron East have to offer.



Further information: Jan Hawley, Economic Development Officer,

Municipality of Huron East 519.527.0160 or at


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