Doors are opening for local artists….

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Innovative Art Project to Restore Seaforth’s Historic Round House Exhibition Hall

 In June of 1900, the Seaforth Agricultural Society acquired an acre of land from Mr. Ed Coleman—and on it, by 1902, had built an unusual structure.


The Seaforth Round House, as it’s known, is one of very few unique two-storey octagonal buildings remaining in Rural Ontario, with its many windows, double staircase, and exhibition gallery.  Each year since 1902, the Round House has welcomed exhibitors as part of the town’s Fall Fair—and preserving this important historical asset is front and centre of a special fundraising project being undertaken by the Municipality of Huron East.


Paul Carroll ~ Artist, Historian & Author ~ Goderich Ontario

Art Unhinged will involve talented artists turning old used doors into art.  Local artisans will work their magic to convert discarded doors into things of beauty—the ultimate recycling project.  Fortuitously, the artwork will be completed in time to be part of county-wide Doors Open Huron planned for September 13 and 14, 2014.  With the theme “Re-Imagine Huron–Step Into Our Stories,” the Doors Open event will showcase Art Unhinged pieces at various of its sites, after which the one-of-a-kind art will be on display throughout Huron East.

Linda 4

Linda Leslie – Artist “Art aRound Town” ~ Exeter Ontario

The redecorated and re-purposed Art Unhinged doors will be auctioned at the Collectibles, Crafts, Gifts & Toy Show & Sale, sponsored by the Seaforth Agricultural Society on November 29th and 30th in the Agri-plex and Seaforth & District Community Centre.  Net proceeds from the sale will go toward future restoration of the Round House.

June 7

June Laliberté ~ Artist & Entrepreneur ~ Clinton Ontario

Agriculture has always been and still is an integral part of the County of Huron.  Preserving an important piece of this history in the form of the Round House is not only fitting, but essential to recognizing those who settled and developed Huron County and those who work the land and tend the livestock to this day.

Linda Bolinger

Linda Bolinger (Vogels) ~ Artist & Painter ~ Seaforth Ontario

For further information contact Jan Hawley, Economic Development Officer Municipality of Huron East E-mail: Office: 519.527.0160

Listen to the story.

 Other participating artists include……

Autumn 6

Autumn Ducharme ~ Artist, “Art aRound Town” & Student ~ Exeter Ontario


Whitney South ~ Artist, Photographer & News Reporter ~ Seaforth Ontario

Susann 1

Susann Ferris-Jones ~ Artist, “Art aRound Town” & Illustrator ~ Exeter Ontario

…..and many more! Watch for these beautiful pieces of art on your travels throughout Seaforth.

Sip, Sip and Savour…..

Maelstrom large

First Registered Winery in Huron County


Jim Landsborough and Catherine Peckitt-Landsborough have roots deep in Huron County.  Jim and his ancestors have farmed in Tuckersmith Township in the Municipality of Huron East since 1834, and the present 100-acre spread they call home was once part of Catherine’s family farm.  However, since 2009 this industrious couple has put down quite different roots, while embarking on an enterprise that will bring a new industry to Huron County.

Winemaking…….and not just ordinary wines.


Their goal is to produce the highest quality wine from the very best grapes that Huron County can grow.  Following considerable research, which included hiring renowned cool climate consultant Kevin Ker to assist with site and vine selection and visits to numerous wineries throughout Canada and the USA, as well as a one acre test plot and several trial batches, Maelstrom’s Vineyard now spreads over 8 acres and comprises 9,600 vines.


Huron East has proven to be just the place to deliver the moderate adversity that grape vines require to produce excellent fruit…..the plants need stress to condense the grapes, which results in the most flavourful wines. This boutique winery is growing several hybrid grape varieties developed as cold-hardy, disease tolerant, and early ripening.  And Jim and Catherine have also put in “vitis vinifera“, pure bred European vines, planted on a root stock that makes them hardier.


Maelstrom Winery will produce red, white, and rosé wines as well as blends and sparkling cider.  Ably assisted by their sons, Brett, Blaine and Brian, who are very much involved with the new business, the entire family is looking forward to developing this unique initiative, one that’s sure to heighten the profile of Huron County with wine-lovers and tourists alike.


It has been said that life is too short to drink bad wine—Maelstrom Winery agrees and will deliver preeminent Riesling, Baco Noir, Cabernet Franc, Geisenheim, Chardonnay, Maréchal Foch Frontenac Blanc, Vidal and Marquette, an award winning wine that finishes as a complex, ruby red with pronounced tannins and highly desirable notes of cherry, berry, black pepper, and spice on both nose and palate.


Santé!  Cheers!  Skål!  Prost!  Salute!

For more details on this exciting new venture located just south of Seaforth, Ontario in the heart of Ontario’s West Coast contact the owners, Jim & Catherine at

Man of Steel…….

Persistence is to the character of man as carbon is to steel.

Quote by Napoleon Hill


The Story of Martin Steel in the Village of Vanastra

Bill Martin is a Man of Steel – and has been for over 50 years.  Beginning work with a scrap metal company in the 1960’s, Bill learned how to turn a profit from used products and soon was operating his own business.  Martin Steel was an environmental leader long before “Re-use, Reduce, Recycle” took hold.  The three R’s were their raison d’etre way back when.

Base co-ed dorms on left

Martin Steel’s five acres and buildings at the former RCAF Base, now the Village of Vanastra, were purchased in 1977 and were originally storage areas – for when a building is demolished, tons of material have to be transported, sorted, and re-sold.  The Vanastra site would accommodate large inventories and allow for transport truck entry and exit through three access gates.

4184_5_6In addition, the previous air force personnel quarters provided ample storage room on the upper floor for the fixtures, furniture, and the myriad of items that sometimes came from a razed building.  The 20,000 square foot main floor accommodated offices and business space for the burgeoning operation.


Word spread that quality re-usable structural material was readily available from Martin Steel, as well as those unique supplies sometimes needed – all at fair prices.  The customer base enlarged, spreading to the United States and many major centres in Canada.  Additional staff had to be hired and the company’s excellent reputation grew.  Over 30 years of achievement would ensue for Bill and Isabel Martin and their firm.


Now the point has arrived for the Martins to wind up the business and offer their prime real estate and historic buildings for sale.


A lifetime of ethical business dealings has been rewarding, but it’s time for another enterprise to take over the property—and develop its own success story.


This commercial property is presently for sale. For further information, please contact Economic Development Officer Jan Hawley of the Municipality of Huron East at or 519.525.7677.