Ninety is Glorious……

“Gloria, I think they got your number.”

You’re invited to join us in the Historic Town of Seaforth, as we celebrate the arrival of “St. Louis Blues Stanley Cup Champion and Conn Smythe & Selke Champion” Ryan “Snook” O’Reilly on Thursday, July 25th, 2019, as he brings all the hardware to the Municipality of Hurn East.

In honour of Ryan, the Seaforth BIA and the community of Huron East are celebrating his achievements by offering a FREE draw for five $90.00 gift certificates redeemable at any one of the Seaforth BIA businesses. Ballots are available from any BIA member in the Business Improvement Area. NO PURCHASE NECESSARY.

For a complete list of locations visit the Shop Seaforth website. Ballots will be available on parade day Thursday, July 25th at the stores along the parade route until the close of business on Saturday, July 27th, 2019.

Catch the “Seaforth Spirit”…….

While you’re at it, don’t forget to get your Ryan O’Reilly T-Shirt. Shirts can be purchased at one of the following locations;

Sills Home Hardware

Re/Max Reliable Realty – Maureen Wildfong

Realty Executives Platinum – Brenda Campbell

The Looking Glass

Robinson Chevrolet

Seaforth Town Hall

Thank you Huron County

Message from Ryan O’Reilly, Member of the St. Louis Blues 2019 Stanley Cup Champions & Winner of the Conn Smythe & Selkie Trophies……

I would like to formally thank the community of Huron County for the ongoing love and support you have shown me throughout my entire career, as well as, specifically throughout this year’s exciting playoff run. Huron County will always be home to me. From the calming open spaces to the warm greetings everyone gives one another around town, this is a place that I always come back to relax and reconnect with myself, friends and family.

There are so many people, who have supported me on my journey to winning the Stanley Cup. I could not have attained the ultimate hockey goal without all of you. Starting with the Seaforth Stars and the Huron Perth Lakers, both fantastic organizations that helped me grow as a competitive player. I would like to thank all of my sponsors that made playing hockey with the Huron Perth Lakers possible. Your generosity has impacted my life drastically. I would like to thank all of the coaches I’ve had over the 25 years I’ve been playing hockey. Every single one of you taught me something I was able to use in my development. I would also like to thank all of my teammates over the years and their parents who helped drive me to practices and games when my parents were busy with my siblings.

To the staff at Seaforth Arena (Graham, Kevin, Skinny, Todd, Doug, John & others), thank you for the countless times you let me come in and skate when the ice wasn’t being used. I fell in love with the game of hockey there and your kindness made the world of a difference. You were never obliged to let me skate there but you always did and I am forever grateful.

To my family, thank you for the time and money you put into traveling for my practices and games or even just taking me to the gym. You are selfless and generous and I can’t thank you enough. I hope that I can provide the same opportunity for my kids as they grow.

To my amazing grandmother Deirdre O’Reilly, I can still remember you buying me brand new skates because my other ones were falling apart. Thank you so much for being my biggest supporter and always having my back. To My late grandparents, Rose & Maurice Bowler, & John Austin, born in Ashfield who would be so proud that one of their own brought the Stanley Cup back to the County. Who would have thought that my late grandpa Maurice Bowler, who I never met, would impact me by planting the seeds of hockey while playing in the Lucknow arena many years ago?

To the schools I grew up in….St. James and St. Anne’s. I have so many great memories from both of your schools. I made some amazing friendships during my time there as well. Your teachers were always so patient with me and supported me so much throughout my time there. I still get a smile on my face every time I drive by.

And lastly, to the staff at the Goderich YMCA, thank you for providing me with a place to train and push myself. You’ve always been so accommodating with our family to make sure we had everything we needed to train over the years.

There are still so many people I haven’t gotten a chance to thank, but I looking forward to being able to celebrate with you all. I’m excited to announce that on Thursday, July 25th I will have the Stanley Cup with me to celebrate with all of you. Our day will start with a parade at 9:30 am in Seaforth (Seaforth Fire Department) from there, we will make our way to the Seaforth arena where I will be taking pictures until 11:30 am.

Following this we will make our way to Goderich for another parade starting at 1:00 pm and ending at the Goderich YMCA where I will be taking pictures until 3:30 pm. To make this day run as smoothly as possible and to hopefully share this experience with as many of you as we can, I will only be doing pictures and no signings on this day. I do not get the cup for very long and this will help ensure that everyone will have time to get a picture with the cup. I will return later this summer and would be happy to sign anything for you at that point, but I kindly ask that you wait until then.

I still can’t believe the outcome of this year and want to thank you all for helping to make my dream come true. I can’t wait to share the Stanley Cup with all of you. I’m looking forward to sharing this with as many of you as I can and I look forward to seeing you on the 25th.

Sincerely, Snook O’Reilly

Know More, Live Well….

Join US for an information Session. It’s all about DRUGS…..

This summer, the Seaforth Family Health Team—in conjunction with Brussels community pharmacy and the University of Waterloo School of Pharmacy—will be launching an educational campaign that aims to educate aging adults about medications that are best kept apart. Our focus will be on two classes of medications: opioids and benzodiazepines, and why they may not be acting in your favour when taken together.

Opioids include several medications used most commonly for pain, such as Percocet, Codeine, Morphine, Hydromorphone, and Fentanyl. There are people who have been on opioids for many years, and over time, they may find themselves needing more of the drug to help deal with their pain, resulting in high doses. However, do the benefits outweigh the risks at these high doses? It’s easy to imagine that as you increase the dose of the drug, you feel less pain, but there is growing evidence that suggests that there is a limit to this relationship. Observational studies have shown that by decreasing the dose of a high-dose opioid, pain often stays the same while mood gets better. Although there is no one, definitive reason for this, some theories include decreased withdrawal and sedation.

Benzodiazepines include drugs such as Xanax, Valium, and Ativan. When these drugs were first studied for sleep, evidence showed that they could help you fall asleep 10-20 minutes faster…but this means that they are just as effective as other sleep drugs and appropriate sleep hygiene (Ex. Putting the phone away, taking a warm shower before bedtime, etc.). We also know that they aren’t always safe: they can increase the risk of dependence, falls in older people, worsen cognition, and more.

As you can assume, in older individuals who take BOTH of these drugs, the safety concerns are much higher. To help make sure your medications—or those of someone you care for—are helping achieve good pain management and restful sleep, please join us for our information session at Brussels Public Library on July 4, 2019 at 6:30 pm.